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On-site Driver Training - Booking Information

On-site Driver Training - Booking Request

Feel free to contact us initially to see if your preferred day and time is available, otherwise fill in the following information to confirm your booking request. 

Once we receive your request we'll get back to you with either confirmation details, other date/time options, or to ask you for more information.

Company / Individual Information

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NB: Trainer travel fee may apply outside of the Hamilton area, depending on your location.

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Date and Time of Training:

This is the date and time that you would prefer for training to be conducted


Required facilities include a training room, with seating and power points for the theory element, and the appropriate training machines (wheels, rollers, tracks), or a forklift and a few pallets for the practical element (forklift type courses only).

 I confirm that I can provide the required facilities and appropriate machinery to conduct onsite training


Best Contact:

This is the person who William would phone to discuss this booking request, and /or one day prior to your training day to ensure you are ready for us to arrive on-site


Cash Sale Customer or On Account?

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If you do not have an account with Forklift Industrial Training (FIT), your invoice must be paid on or before your training day. 

If you do have an account with FIT then we will look forward to your payment no later than the 20th of the month following the date on your invoice.

Please note that you must use our services at least once prior to being able to open an account.

 I confirm that I can understand the payment terms relating to booking a onsite training course