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So, we have started a 'your feedback' page. And we think it will help you feel confident about booking with us. Check out what others are saying about us below.


Wednesday, 25 Nov 2020 - Dangerous Goods

Did my DG course with William and found it fun, very inciteful and well laid out. William is an excellent instructor and answers any questions you may have. I will definitely be doing more licenses with FIT training. 

Rob - Cambridge

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Saturday, 26 Sept 2020 - Wheels, Rollers, Tracks (AM)

Thanks for your training today. It was joyful and memorable as well as playing with the machinery.

Sravan - Hamilton

Saturday, 26 Sept 2020 - Forklift Operators Certificate + F (PM)

I travelled over from Whakatane for a course I needed at short notice. Couldn't be happier. To anyone reading this feedback, "give these guys a go because he's f**ken good at his job!"

Woody - Tanker Driver - Fonterra Edgecumbe

Sunday, 27 Sept 2020 - Forklift Operators Certificate + F

I travelled over from the Bay of Plenty to Hamilton because I needed these license's urgently, and the only people I could find to do it was these guys. Outstanding service if I'm honest. They fitted me in, and on a Sunday! And what was better was I got a one-on-one experience and got the tutors absolute attention. You have now idea how amazed I am by the whole experience.

Tom - Bay of Plenty

Sunday, 20 Sept 2020 - Forklift Operators Certificate

I was really nervous about taking this course because years ago while still a teenager I got told by a boss that I wouldn't be able to operate a rear-wheeled machine because it was too difficult and I carried that thought through to my adult life. So, when I needed to sit my forklift licence, I was petrified.

The instructor was awesome and took the time to help me work through my fears. He taught me to breathe and showed me a few operating tips that would continue to build my confidence. I got my certificate and passed with flying colours. If you're nervous go with these guys. I've never felt so comfortable.

Amanda - Hamilton

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