Terms and Conditions

Term's & Conditions

Thank you for considering Forklift Industrial Training as your training provider. We have a few T’s & C’s that we feel are important for you to know prior to booking or attending a course. Please read through them and familiarise yourself.


The course date, time and location of the course will be confirmed by email to you after registration has been completed.


Specific course eligibility is advised on our website i.e. driver licence requirements. Please ensure that you meet these requirements prior to booking and paying for a course. If in any doubt, please ask.

In all courses provided by FIT (excluding Forklift Operator Certificates), trainees must produce a current and valid NZ Driver Licence (licence type may differ dependant on course). Failure to do so will mean that you will not be permitted to complete your course. This will be treated as a withdrawal.


Tea, coffee and water are provided.

Lunch will not be provided. We advise you to bring lunch with you.


We ask that you please advise us, or your trainer, before the start of the course if you have any physical or learning difficulty that you may have i.e. difficulty with reading or writing. Our trainers are here to help you with this in any way they can.


Car parking is available at most sites where a community course is held; however, spaces are limited. Site specific parking arrangements will be notified at the same time as the confirmed course date / time / location.


All phones are to be switched to silent (or off) during all training sessions. We ask that you only take emergency calls. If you need to take a call, please excuse yourself from the class for the duration of the call to do so.


Course start times will be strictly adhered to. All trainees must be ready to start at the advised time.

Late comers will only be accepted at the discretion of the trainer. Should you not be accepted into the class this will be treated as a withdrawal.


You will be advised at the start of your course where the designated smoking areas are, as they vary from site to site.


Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 everyone is responsible for workplace health and safety.

All trainees must comply with all safety procedures that relate to the training being conducted. Trainees will comply by:

  • obeying any safety instructions given by the trainer;
  • not being under the influence of drugs and / or alcohol;
  • giving the training session the respect, it deserves and not indulging in practical jokes, or tomfoolery;
  • by coming prepared with safety boots / shoes, and / or high viz vest.


We ask that you please respect the rights of other people attending your course. This includes inappropriate language, acts, gestures or harassment of any form, including if for any reason your phone needs to remain on that you leave the room to minimise disruption while taking the call.


At the sole discretion of the trainer, if you, after a verbal warning (or warnings) fail to adhere to any instruction or policy above this may result in the trainer asking you to leave the course. This will be considered a withdrawal.


We value your feedback. Please visit our website www.fitraininghamilton.co.nz/feedback and complete the feedback form. Constructive feedback is welcomed.



If you have booked one of our courses, payment is expected no later than the day before your course.

We prefer if you pay your invoice online directly into our bank account, but we will accept cash on the day. Our account number is shown on your invoice. If you pay online on the day of your course, confirmation of payment will be required (i.e. a screen shot).

If payment is not made prior to, or on your course date, you will not be able to participate in the course that day and you will be offered the opportunity to rebook.


If you are booking one of our courses for a staff member to attend, you must advise if we need to be set up as an Approved Supplier with your Accounts Team. Failure to advise us of this, will seriously hinder payment of our account. We will work with your Accounts Team to ensure completion of this prior to the booked course date, but ultimately, we take no responsibility if this does not occur, and you need to rebook your staff to a future course date.

You must supply contact details i.e. email, contact name and phone number, for your Accounts Team.

A valid Purchase Order must be supplied.

We do NOT offer payment on account! We expect payment to be made directly into our bank account no later than the day before the booked course. By agreement only, we may extend 7-day payment terms in good faith. This will not happen automatically; you will need to speak with us first and get our verbal agreement.

If you book a course with us, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to our payment terms. If, after speaking with you, we extend to you 7-day payment terms, we expect our invoice to be paid no later than the advised due date on your invoice. If it is not, your account will immediately be placed on stop-credit until your invoice is paid and no further services will be supplied to you.

If you reach 14 days overdue from the due date on your invoice, an administration fee of $30 will be added to your account, which will also be required to be paid.

If you reach 28 days overdue from the due date on your invoice, a further late payment fee of $30 will be added to your account, which will also be required to be paid.

If you reach 40 days overdue from the due date on your invoice, you acknowledge and understand that we may lodge your debt with Equifax, which will affect your credit rating for up to five years.


If any person (irrespective of whether booked as an individual, or through a business) is unable to attend a community course, the following applies:

  • If more than 1 week before the course date, there will be a full refund less $50;
  • If five (5) working days before the course date, there will be a 50% refund;
  • If three (3) working days, or less, before the course date, there will be no refund.
  • If a trainee does not show, does not complete, or is unsuccessful in obtaining a pass grade, there will be no refund.
  • If a trainee is unable to attend for a legitimate reason and would like to rebook to another time, this can be done at no charge on the first occasion only, thereafter there will be a $30 administration fee.

If an employer needs to cancel an onsite course, the following applies:

  • If two (2) weeks or more before the course, there will be a full refund, less any non-refundable travel or other costs incurred;
  • If one (1) week to two (2) weeks before the course, there will be a 50% refund, less any non-refundable travel or other costs incurred;
  • If less than one (1) week before the course, there will be a 20% refund, less any non-refundable travel or other costs incurred;
  • If a course cannot be completed, once started, due to unforeseen circumstances, there will be no refund.

If an employer would like to change the course date, the following applies:

  • Any extension / alteration of the course date is at the sold discretion of the trainer’s availability. If a mutually agreeable date / time cannot be reached, then it will be treated as a cancellation.

If Forklift Industrial Training needs to cancel a course, the following applies:

  • In the first instance we will offer the option, at no charge, for you to rebook to an alternative date.
  • If a mutually agreeable date cannot be reached, then a full refund will be made available for community courses.


The opportunity for re-assessment is available to a trainee if they do not achieve competence in a unit standard, or part unit standard.

Additional fees will apply.


If you believe that any decision relating to your assessment has been unfair, in the first instance, discuss it with your trainer.

If you are still unsatisfied please appeal in writing within seven (7) days to The Manager, Forklift Industrial Training, 259 Fox Street, Hamilton East, Hamilton 3216.


Enjoy your course!

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