FIT One-on-One Courses

Our focus is on you, the individual trainee! We are pleased to be able to provide you with one-on-one training.

One-on-one training is available to individual's who needed their licence yesterday, or companies who would prefer a dedicated, on-call and sometimes urgent service.

You may choose to utilise our One-on-One service for some of the following reason's: 

- A company just started a new employee and realised they don't have all relevant licences required;

- An individual just checked their expiry date, and realised their licence had expired;

- An individual would prefer a quieter, learning environment with a focused learning relationship;

- A trainee simply doesn't want to wait till the next available course;

- A company may simply prefer a dedicated, on-call service.

With FIT, one-on-one trainer and trainee interactions allow a trainee to learn faster, master more material, remember their course work and potentially even enjoy learning. One-on-one learning relationships empower a trainee, and allow them to receive personalised attention that provides them with the tools to help them succeed.

Oh, and there will never be a cancelled course (unless you cancel it) due to it being under-subscribed!

There are some conditions though. They are:

  1. Trainee's must met all required pre-requisites for the relevant course;
  2. Due to the popularity of one-on-one training, if you have a booking with us, and you fail to turn up, cancel the course or want to rebook, you will be charged the full cost of the trainer travel fee and possibly even the full charge of your course fee* (*cancellations or failure to turn up). The reason for this is simple; the time we have allocated to you is now unable to be given to someone else, especially at short notice. 

Thank you.

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